ABLE is a Community Interest Company

ABLE is a Community Interest Company which organises and runs a small number of events across the UK on behalf of charities supporting the older community and the vulnerable. Established in July 2016 by Basil Nally we are committed to helping small to medium sized charities in these areas increase awareness around the work they do and to raise funds to help them continue their good work.

We set up as a CIC in response to our first charity client’s request to establish a model that takes away any administrative or financial risk associated with running the event from the charities’ perspective. Our motto is ‘helping those that do good to do better’ (because we can).


The services that ABLE provides

ABLE is an event management company with a difference. We focus on working with a small number of charity partners to help raise awareness and funds for the invaluable work they carry out in their communities. We seek to work closely with our charity partners to identify events and projects that can:

  • Provide a really special occasion for those communities directly affected by the work our charity clients do
  • Raise awareness of the amazing work our charity partners continue to do to support their communities

  • Raise much needed funds for those charities that aren’t household names and don’t necessarily have access to budgets or resource to stage the events and projects we are looking to run


ABLE recognises problems

We want to make a difference to the most vulnerable communities in our society. We formed as a CIC for this reason. We are particularly interested in working with causes where there is a personal attachment or connection as we believe direct experience means better understanding and empathy for the charities and communities we wish to serve.

Our team members have been directly or indirectly affected by the issues our target communities have experienced. We want to do what we can to support other people affected. This is our way of helping make a difference.