Just Try to Dress Better Than These Fashionable Seniors

A certain street-stylish, over-50 set is turning the notion of age-appropriate dressing on its head, wearing Iris Apfel glasses, feather boas, and leather that would put Balmain to shame. Photographer Ari Seth Cohen has chronicled these chic grandmothers — and grandfathers — on his travels in Buenos Aries, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Advanced Style: Older and Wiserout April 26 from powerHouse Books, is Cohen’s second book showcasing fabulous fashions and the colorful lives of the people who wear them, ages 50-97.

“Who truly catches my eye are those whose artful and creative dressing is a reflection of their indomitable spirits and the refusal to become invisible,” Cohen writes in his introduction. Click ahead to see their paper-clip earrings, mustard-yellow bow hats, and swan glasses.

Original story from: http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/04/advanced-style-ari-seth-cohen/slideshow/?mid=twitter_cut2016/04/20/advanced_style_/